Treatment Planning
Treatment plans are derived from functional or skills based assessments to target measurable goals. Data is taken on a daily basis. Also included in each child’s ongoing treatment planning are parent’s collaboration for coordination of care with other providers, transition and discharge planning and, crisis planning. Behavior Intervention Plans are developed for behaviors in need of reduction. 
Treatment plans are implemented by our professional and paraprofessional staff, all of whom have completed at least 40 hours of training. All direct care staff are supervised for at least 5% of service delivery hours.
Participation by the client’s family in his or her treatment is vital to the client’s progress. Development of treatment plans is guided by family goals and your child’s strengths, as well as functional/skills based assessments and observations. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to participate by observing and participating in client treatment sessions, attending training meetings and addressing treatment goals at home. 
Focused ABA Treatment
Focused ABA refers to treatment provided directly to the client for a limited number of behavioral targets. This may involve targets such as increasing socially appropriate behavior or reducing problem behavior. Focused ABA treatment is appropriate for children who need treatment only for a limited number of skills or who need focus on a priority behavior.
Comprehensive ABA Treatment
Comprehensive ABA refers to treatment of multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and adaptive functioning. Problem behaviors such as noncompliance, tantrums and stereotypy are also typically the focus of treatment. 

Our Services

Reaching Potentials provides early intervention services for children with autism and developmental delays and their families. Treatment services include (outpatient) behavioral intervention direct care services, professional consultation and family training. Our service delivery includes primarily clinic based services, with additional services provided in the home / school / community as needed.